In a fast-paced world where life often takes us on unexpected journeys, TravelJohn!® Urinal Bags have emerged as the unsung heroes of hygiene and convenience. With three specialized categories catering to every member of the family, TravelJohn!®, TravelJane!™, and TravelJohn! Jr. Urinal Bags are your trusty companions in times of need.
Discover the Features of TravelJohn!® Urinal Bags:
Disposable Urinal

TravelJohn!® for Men:

  • Specially designed for men on the go, TravelJohn!® Urinal Bags offer a discreet and sanitary solution for those moments when nature calls.
  • LIQSORB® technology swiftly transforms liquid waste into an odorless, spill-proof gel, eliminating any concerns about unpleasant odors or mess.

TravelJane!™ for Women:

  • TravelJane!™ Urinal Bags are tailored to the needs of women, providing a hygienic and convenient solution wherever you are.
  • The unisex adapter ensures ease of use for women, whether sitting or standing, while the spill guard prevents backflow during use.

TravelJohn! Jr. for Kids:

  • We haven’t forgotten the little explorers! TravelJohn! Jr. Urinal Bags are perfect for kids on adventures, ensuring comfort and cleanliness.
  • The kid-friendly design makes it easy for children to use, giving parents peace of mind during travel or outdoor activities.
Why Choose TravelJohn!® Urinal Bags?
Perfect for All Occasions: Whether you’re on a road trip, camping, attending a crowded event, or facing unexpected restroom closures, TravelJohn!® Urinal Bags are your reliable companions.
Emergency Preparedness: Be ready for any situation with our urinal bags by your side.


TravelJohn!® Urinal Bags are more than just convenient solutions; they are your hygiene heroes on the go. With specialized categories for all genders these bags redefine convenience and cleanliness during your travels and outdoor experiences.
Equip yourself and your family with TravelJohn!®, TravelJane!™, and TravelJohn! Jr. Urinal Bags, and embark on journeys with confidence, knowing that you have reliable companions tailored to your needs. Keep an eye on our website for updates and exciting information about TravelJohn!® products or visit our stores at today to get your hands on these indispensable travel essentials.