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It’s never a fun situation when you’re on the go, and you have to go. That is exactly why we created TravelJohn disposable urinal bags and solid waste collection kits. Everyone, including women and children, can use TravelJohn products when there are no traditional or sanitary facilities available.

Yes, TravelJohn is gender-friendly. The spout (urinal collar) has been designed to accommodate all genders and sizes. The contour shape fits perfectly along the body for spill-proof usage. The spout is rigid; therefore, it is easy to hold during use, especially if the bag becomes heavy.

  • Ergonomically designed for everyone!
  • Men-Women-Children and all genders
  • Unisex adapter design allows ease of use, maximizes comfort, and prevents spill
  • Because Liqsorb absorbs any liquid and has no messy powder, it is also great as a vomit bag for motion sickness

No!  TravelJohn and TravelJane disposable urinal bags are odorless immediately after use. The special polymer blend inside the Liqsorb pouch locks odors inside the spill-proof, leak-proof urinal bag.

Yes, each TravelJohn or TravelJane urinal bag includes a patented Liqsorb(R) pouch which is made of non-woven fabric. This fabric traps solidified content within the plastic bags and prevents leakage at the source. It is also resistant to breakage and reseals the bags after it is punctured.

No. The revolutionary patented Liqsorb(R) polymer pouch locks all gel inside immediately, providing a spill-proof and puncture resistant receptacle that can be stored safely without leakage.  This is called the self-seal feature which is only available to all TravelJohn and TravelJane disposable urinal bags unlike any other competing products (Model TJ1A, TJ1R, TJ1Q, TJ1P).  However, TravelJohn and TravelJane disposable urinal bags also come with a ziplock version (model TJ1N, TJ1T and TJ1C) as an added security and sense of comfort, although they already come with the self-seal feature. See the product comparison chart here.
Yes. Non-Toxic, non-hazardous TravelJohn products (including TravelJane) meet EPA and OSHA requirements for disposal in any trash container.
No, they are not biodegradable.  They are made of degradable plastic material that will break apart overtime.
Yes, we currently offer many varieties of TravelJohn urinal bag. Some includes anti-septic moist wipes (Item 66892C, 67046 or 66912C) and some (66850C, 66852C, or 66854C) includes both the wipes and the ziplock bags.
Depending on the temperature and volume of urine, it takes only 5 to 10 seconds.

It can be used continuously until it is full without leakage, spills or odors. The capacity is about 24 to 28 fluid ounces (800 cc). It is designed for disposable and can be used until it is full, then thrown away for sanitary disposal.

TravelJohn or TravelJane disposable urinal bags have no loose powder inside so there is no leakage and no mess.  All absorbent materials are encapsulated within our patented non-woven Liqsorb pouch that makes TravelJohn the most advanced system available.  In addition, the spill-proof, leak-proof polymer pouch instantly gels and deodorizes liquids within seconds, for the first truly sanitary, odor-free method of waste disposal for all genders including men, women and children.
It weighs only 1.5 oz before use. It is 5″x2″x1″ when folded and can fit easily into a pocket, purse, glove compartment or toolbox.
Public elimination and open containers of waste can cause a host of dangerous health problems including pneumonia, gonorrhea, urinary tract inflammatory disease, diarrhea, dysentery, and hepatitis.  All this can be avoided with the compact easy-to-use TravelJohn and TravelJane disposable urinal bags.
TravelJohn sanitary line of products can be effectively used by anyone without access to traditional or sanitary facilities. This includes fire fighters, telecommunications workers, construction workers, emergency rescue teams, small aircraft pilots, window cleaners, landscapers, equipment workers, truckers, and roofers and re-creationists to name a few.
UTI and other diseases are caused by infrequent urination or use of unsanitary facilities. TravelJohn or TravelJane urinal bag reduces the risk of exposing the user to this type of situation, therefore, reducing the chance of contracting UTI.
No, public elimination is in violation of local criminal laws and could result in fines or arrest.
For maximum privacy, TravelJohn Products offers a privacy tent/outhouse.  Each tent/outhouse is light weigh, compact and can be set up for use in seconds.  The privacy tent comes with a compact carrying case that is made of lightweight flame-retardant materials.  There are inside windows on 3 sides with flaps for privacy, an inside pocket for accessories, and a wide door for easy entrance/exit.
LIQSORB is a latest flow management device. It is an expandable, liquid permeable, degradable polymer pouch, containing special anti-microbial agents.  LIQSORB turns urine instantly into gel and traps the soft gel inside a fabric pouch, creating a spill-proof, leak-proof, and puncture resistant urinary drainage system. The anti-microbial agents inhibit bacteria and fungus growth. The combination of anti-microbial agents and gel pouch encapsulates urine and destroys bacteria growth or migration while reducing strong unpleasant odors and cross-contamination.
  1. Powerful super absorbent polymer absorbs liquid 50 times more than its own weight
  2. Polymer turns absorbed liquid into a gel
  3. Fabric pouch traps gel inside and prevents it from flowing out
  4. Entire patented LIQSORB pouch, once full, becomes trapped inside the external\container, such as urinal bags or urinary drainage bags
  5. Container becomes spill-proof and leak proof even if the container is punctured

TravelJohn privacy tent features our KWIK Silver mechanism and umbrella frame that sets up in 5 seconds! Just pull 2 ropes and the tent just pops right out instantly. No more hassles with awkward sticks. Best yet, it can be taken down in just a few seconds.

This tent can also be used as a shower room, outdoor restroom, changing room, hunting blind, and/or privacy shelter.

For maximum privacy, TravelJohn Products offers a privacy tent/outhouse. Each tent/outhouse is light weight, compact and can be set up for use in seconds. The privacy tent comes with a compact carrying case that is made of lightweight flame retardant materials. There are inside windows on 3 sides with flaps for privacy, an inside pocket for accessories, and a wide door for easy entrance/exit.

Additional Questions

Shipping times may vary depending on your location and the shipping method chosen. For more accurate information, please contact our friendly customer service team. Our products are normally shipped within 1 or 2 days from California, US.  The transit time may vary from 2 to 5 days.
Yes, TravelJane is resealable. However, it comes with both options. Releasable and Self-Seal versions.
Yes, all products are covered by a LIMITED WARRANTY for ninety (90) days from the date of shipment by TravelJohn Products (RGI). This WARRANTY is limited to the repair, replacement, or credit, at TravelJohn Products’ (RGI’s) option, for any items found to be defective after inspection by TravelJohn Products (RGI) at its main headquarters.
You can purchase products directly by visiting or visit our retailers listed here,
Shipping is free for all 18 packs and orders over $60. If your order does not meet the free shipping requirement, please add the items you wish to order to the shopping cart at Before finalizing the order, our system will let you know the shipping amount.
Shipping is free for all 18 packs and orders over $60. If your order does not meet the free shipping requirement, please add the items you wish to order to the shopping cart at Before finalizing the order, our system will let you know the shipping amount.
You can reach us at (888) 518-8389 within US. Call 949-309-2958 if outside of US.
If you “stand up” a bit and brace your lower back against the seat back you should be good, although I tend to stand or kneel. However, for safety please do not drive while using the urinal bags on the road and park the car in a safe parking lot.
It depends on personal preference and the position the bag is being used in. If you are standing, it may be easier to have a high end in the front. If you are sitting or squatting, place the high end in the back. When urinating into the bag, make sure you have firmly placed the urinal in your body. If you prefer a wider opening, you may push the front and back end together using your palms to create a wider opening.

It does not but all TravelJohn and TravelJane disposable urinal bags contain the absorbent polymer stuff inside the bag, which absorbs the urine so there is no leakage.

It is important to know that both TravelJohn and TravelJane disposable urinal bags come with a self-seal version (model TJ1A-C for TravelJohn and model TJ1R-C for TravelJane) and a zip lock version (model TJ1N-C for TravelJohn and model TJ1T-C for TravelJane).

The self-seal version contains a Liqsorb absorbent polymer pouch which will absorb all liquid and turn it into gels to prevent leakage. Unlike other brand, this Liqsorb pouch holds all the loose polymer, which becomes very slippery when it turns into gel, from leaking out the bag and prevent slippery floor and can avoid people from slipping.

The zip-lock version contains both the self-seal Liqsorb pouch and, in addition, the zip lock which the user can lock the bag for additional peace of mind, although it is not really needed.

TravelJohn disposable urinal comes in white color bags whereas TravelJane disposable urinal comes in pink (self seal version) or purple color (resealable version). Check for more details: chart.
We normally ship to Alaska via USPS.
Yes, you can. In that case, let us know how many units you want to purchase. We will increase the maximum number of purchase units.
Due to the nature of our products, we do not accept returns. If you received a defective product, please contact us immediately at and we will assist you.
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No, we do not offer international shipping on our website. For international orders, please contact
Yes, you can return a damaged or defective product. Please contact our customer service team as soon as possible to arrange for a return and replacement.