Foldable Commode
TravelJohn Foldable Commode, is a stable, steelframe folding commode for use with TravelJohn Solid Waste Collection Kit (optional). The foldable commode has a padded seat and a top flap that pulls over the chair when not in use or rolls up behind the padded seat when in use. When not being used as a commode, it can be used as a chair. The chair is the height of a standard at home toilet.
TravelJohn Foldable Commode
  • Holds ups to 250 lbs 
  • Foldable chair
  • Includes carrying bag 
  • Includes side storage pocket for accessories
  1. Remove Foldable Commode from carrying bag
  2. Unfold Commode
  3. Lift Commode flap, confirm seat cushion is attached to chair. If the seat cushion is not attached, attach the seat cushion.
  4. Roll commode flap down and tuck the rolled up flap under the seat cushion
  5. (For use with TravelJohn Solid Waste Collection Kit) Remove a solid waste bag from packaging, unfold the bag, open zip closure, and pull out the inner bag. Then securely place the bag into the commode and wrap the liner around the seat cushion. The commode is now ready for use. When done using the commode, remove the solid waste bag, tie the liner bag, push it into the outer bag, zip the bag close, and toss the bag away at your next available waste receptacle.
  6. When the commode is not in use, you may unroll the flap and pull it over the chair. The flap will be secured to the velcro underneath the chair. The commode will then be able to be used as a normal sitting chair.
  7. When done using the foldable commode/chair, fold the chair up and put it back into the carrying bag.