TravelJane™ & TravelJohn® Disposable Urinal for All Genders, Adults, & Children

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By Tina Prickett,
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TravelJane™ & TravelJohn® Disposable Urinal for All Genders, Adults, & Children
TravelJohn® products by Reach Global Industries, Inc (RGi) offers the safest, cleanest way to solve the problem of what to do when traditional restroom facilities are inaccessible, unsanitary, or unavailable. Perfect for emergency situations, home renovations, traveling, healthcare, sporting goods, juvenile, and convenience needs. Starting in 2024, TravelJohn has partnered with Leave No Trace to help educate and encourage consumers to be responsible for protecting their environment and limiting their impact on the environment while traveling and getting outside.
TravelJohn’s top-selling disposable urinal is model TJ1N-C due to the strong PET bag protection with a resealable zipper which allows the bag to be double sealed for additional protection and peace of mind. Each urinal holds up to 28 fluid oz (800 ml) and instantly turns liquid into a solid gel using our patented LIQSORB®️ technology. The LIQSORB®️ pouch securely absorbs all liquid waste and turns it into a leak-proof, odorless, non-toxic gel that is spill-proof, and waste disposal safe.
All of TravelJohn’s products are unisex and may be used by all genders, adults, and children. In mid 2022, TravelJohn began phasing in a new larger unisex adapter making urination easier for everyone to use while sitting (providing there is the use of gravity with an unobstructed, free-flowing opening) or standing, and a spill guard to prevent backflow during use. In January 2023, TravelJohn launched TravelJane Resealable Disposable Urinal for all genders, adults, and children (Model TJ1T-C).  The purple color on the outside provides a cover for any color changes that may occur–various medications such as antibiotics can change the color of urine along with menstration. The white on the inside allows the user to see the color change more easily and allows them to know if they need to make an adjustment to maintain their long term health. Model TJ1T-C is currently only available in a 6-pack.
At the end of 2018, TravelJohn products released a new paper (TJ1Q) version of the disposable urinal with a flexible paper adapter to the international market.  The unisex paper adapter features a hanging hook to allow anyone to expand the bag or adapter with ease. The bag is 99% paper-based. Due to our improved LIQSORB®️ technology, the pouch instantly begins to solidify the liquid turning it into an odorless and non-toxic solid gel. The paper version features a peel and seal closure to ensure simple and safe waste disposal.
TravelJohn disposable urinal line is available in 3, 6, & 18 packs.  In multiple model options: TJ1C is a duo-bag with a resealable zipper; TJ1N-C is a single bag with a resealable zipper; TJ1A-C is the TravelJohn original bag; TJ1R-C is the TravelJane™ for women; TJ1H is the TravelJohn Jr. for children.  Model TJ1P is the 2-in-1 paper bag for sickness and urination, which is available in a 5 pack, and model TJ1Q is the paper urinal bag with a unisex paper adapter which comes in a 4 pack.  The disposable urinal standard volume capacity is 28 oz (800cc) for all models with the exception of the 20 oz (600ml) for TravelJohn Jr., the children sized version.
Our products are widely loved by consumers for the ease and convenience provided in “tough” situations.  TravelJohn Products are available for purchase at, Amazon, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Campmor, and Sportsman Market.
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